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The Elbows Locked Fuchsia Locking Tight Armbinder Sleeve combines your favorite unique bondage gear item with our fabulously unique fuchsia color From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In anderen Projekten Commons. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new products, new content, private sales and discount codes and more! To improve strength, as well as ease of use, all the cuffs and straps are typically linked together, hence why the complete piece of equipment is considered an armbinder.

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You'll be looking forward to being Double Crossed when you see the comfortable yet strict bondage you They all smile, but as they all start moving further in, I stop the two younger ones. The sheath is commonly of latex or leather which itself typically covers the arms from the fingertips to above the elbows, and is closed and tightened with a zipper , lacing, or sometimes both; the sheath is frequently supplemented with straps around the wrists and the elbows or upper arms. Still, there seem to be a steady increase in people coming here to find ways to improve their kinky lifestyle. Monogloves, due to the harshness of the position, can be very difficult to wear for any prolonged periods of time, however in comparison to rope bondage can in most situation be easier to maintain. A series of cuffs, which can be made from various material such as leather or metal, are placed on the arms at various points such as the wrists and elbows. Here's an old story I rewrote to make up for it!

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